National Refinery Limited

New CUIN Registration number 0001747 NTN-No 0711325-7

Future Plans

Following projects have been envisioned to ensure improvement of existing plant.

Two stage unit at Lube-I refinery
The project has been planned to enhance the installed crude oil processing capacity from 12,050 Barrel per stream day (bpsd) to 17,000 bpsd and vacuum fractionation capacity from 5,200 bpsd to 6,600 bpsd. The project is in planning stage.

Topping Unit and Reformer Unit
Government of Pakistan has changed the specification of Motor Gasoline from 87 RON to 92 RON. Although refineries have been allowed to market 87 RON and 90 RON, an opportunity exists to improve the production of NRL to meet the market requirement. For this purpose, NRL is considering to install a Topping Unit and a Reformer Unit of larger capacity. The project is in initial phase for which feasibility study is in progress.

Replacement of Fuel and Lube refineries and Utilities Control System with centralized Distributed Control Systems
Replacement of existing control system of Fuel and Lube refineries and Utilities with Distributed Control System (DCS) will ensure precise quality production, high-integrity process controls, process safeguarding and emergency shutdown, Turbine and Compressor safeguarding, and pipeline monitoring. It will also improve process control and monitoring of plant parameters, availability of customized reports and log sheets, and optimum human resource utilization. The project has already been undertaken and is likely to be completed in three years.

101-F-1 Air Pre-Heater Project
Installation of Air Pre-Heater at Fuel Refinery is an energy saving and environmental friendly project. Furthermore, Greenhouse gases emissions and carbon foot prints will be reduced by this project. Contract has already been awarded and it is expected that the project will be installed and commissioned by March 2018.

Water Demineralization plant
It is planned to install a water demineralization plant for Reverse Osmosis. This will help in overcoming the company’s water requirements by improving the quality of available water from Reverse Osmosis plants. Civil work is in progress and it is expected to be completed up till March 2018.

New Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Plant
New sea Water Reverse Osmosis plant with capacity of 250,000 gallons per day is planned to be procured and installed following the completion of Phase-I projects to meet the increased water requirement. Project is under planning stage.

Waste heat recovery boiler
It is planned to utilize the heat energy currently being vented to the atmosphere from the Diesel Generator. Project has been awarded to the contractor and engineering work is in progress with expected date of completion uptill March 2018.