National Refinery Limited

New CUIN Registration number 0001747 NTN-No 0711325-7

Future Plans

Following projects have been envisioned to ensure improvement of existing plant.

o Hydrocracker
Hydrocracker aims to convert Furnace Oil into valuable products. A basic engineering design package was prepared by M/s UoP of USA in the year 2012. However, further work was not undertaken due to insistence of Government of Pakistan for installing a Diesel Hydro Treater and Isomerization units to produce Euro-II standard products. The Company is reviewing all aspects of the projects and will decide the best course according to the changing economic situation of the country.

o CCR (Continuous Catalyst Regeneration) Platforming Unit
To increase the Gasoline production and to meet the country’s Gasoline Euro-V specifications, Company is planning to install a CCR (Continuous Catalyst Regeneration) Platforming unit. The project is currently in planning phase.