National Refinery Limited

New CUIN Registration number 0001747 NTN-No 0711325-7

Whistle Blowing Policy Statement

The Management encourages whistle blowing culture in the organization and has adopted a culture to detect, identify and report any activity which is not in line with the Company policies, any misuse of Company’s properties or any breach of law which may affect the reputation of the Company. The Company has adopted the best corporate policies to protect employee(s) who report corporate wrongdoings, illegal conduct, internal fraud and discrimination against retaliation.

The Company promotes transparency and accountability through publication of accurate financial information to all the stakeholders, implementation of sound, effective and efficient internal control system and operational procedures.

All Executives have signed a code of conduct and the Company takes any deviation very seriously.

The Financial Report shall be made available to shareholders and other stakeholders within the time period as stipulated in the statute / regulation(s). Shareholders can elect to receive a hard copy or an electronic copy of the Annual Report. It shall be shareholders’ responsibility to notify the Company’s share registrar of changes to their contact details and, in the case of email, maintain an active email account.

The Company encourages Whistle Blowing System to raise the issue directly to Chairman Audit Committee and / or to Chief Executive and / or to the Company Secretary and / or to Head of Internal Audit provided that:-

  • ·  The Whistleblower has sufficient evidence(s) to ensure genuineness of the fact after a proper investigation at his own end;

  • ·  The Whistleblower understands that his act will cause more good than harm to the Company and he/she is doing this because of his loyalty with the Company; and

  • ·  The Whistleblower understands the seriousness of his / her action and is ready to assume his / her own responsibility.

The Management understands that through the use of a good Whistle Blowing Plan, they can discover and develop a powerful ally in building trust with its employees and manage fair and transparent operations. The Company therefore provides a mechanism whereby any employee who meets the above referred conditions can report any case based on merit without any fear of retaliation and reprisal to any of the above offices.